DreamHack and Monster Energy signs multi-year global partnership

The world’s largest digital festival, DreamHack, extends its partnership with Monster Energy for two more years. Together they are looking to expand the event into new continents in 2019. Monster Energy will in both 2018 and 2019 be the Global Strategic Partner to DreamHack, and will sponsor all festival and major esports tournaments produced by DreamHack. Monster Energy has held a fundamental role in DreamHack’s growth, and have supported and helped expand the Community surrounding DreamHack.DreamHack was founded in 1994, and is today the world’s largest digital festival; a truly unique event in the esports and gaming universe. One of DreamHacks’ core features is the iconic LAN party. Furthermore, DreamHack is today one of the leading esports organizations, both as a tournament organizer, host, and broadcast producer.In 2014, DreamHack and Monster Energy started the cooperation with the newly established Monster Energy DreamHack Studios in Stockholm, and partnered up for DreamHack’s international circuit: DreamHack Open. The success continued and 3 years later Monster Energy has excelled to become a Global Strategic Partner, and is involved in everything DreamHack.   Monster Energy support DreamHack’s international expansionWhen DreamHack entered the North American market in 2016, Monster Energy was one of DreamHack’s founding partners and strategic allies. Firstly DreamHack Austin and then moved on to producing a total of five events during 2017: Austin, Montreal, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Denver. DreamHack are also proud to announce that Monster Energy will be the founding partner when DreamHack enters a third continent in 2019.DreamHack have announced 11 events in 2018, and will organize multiple esports tournaments on the absolute top-level of the open esports ecosystem. Find all the dates here: [link].“We’re excited but also very proud to team up with Monster Energy for the coming two years. They have been supporting DreamHack for the last 4 years and we’re very excited to now plan even greater things for the future” said Marcus Lindmark, CEO of DreamHack.“Four years ago when we first started looking for an event to sponsor, DreamHack was at the top of a very short list of Tier 1 event organizers. DreamHack checked off all of the boxes we were looking for but their staff and support were the deciding factors for extending our partnership into a global multi-year deal.” said Matthew Simpson, Director of Gaming and Esports for Monster Energy. “We look forward to supporting the expansion of DreamHack as they bring their festivals into new international markets.” The DreamHack & Monster Energy 2018 partnership includes Global Sponsorship – All festivalsMonster Energy is supporting all festivals as the Main Sponsor. Monster Energy will always be available both in stores and for sampling across the festivals. Monster Energy is also bringing an event experience and are involved all parts of the festival, from the grass roots gamers attending the festivals, to the Expo and the professional tournaments. Monster Energy DreamHack Studios – Title SponsorLocated in Stockholm, Monster Energy DreamHack Studios, is the leading esports studio in northern Europe. With over 150 production days a year and as the production site for Dreamleague, Nordic Championship, and plenty of standalone of events and productions. Monster Energy is the Title Sponsor, providing athletes with energy drinks on-site but is also visible in all broadcasts. DreamHack Open – Main SponsorMonster Energy will continue as the Main Sponsor of DreamHack Open for the 4th year. DreamHack Open is the leading pro/am circuit in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive featuring 8 stops across North America and Europe. DreamHack Open is the natural bridge from zero to hero, where CS:GO players can excel and play their first matches on-stage and in front of a mass audience. CORSAIR DreamHack Masters – Main SponsorDreamHack Masters is the premium esports event, both produced and hosted by DreamHack. This year it’s held in Marseilles, France, and Stockholm, Sweden. It is featuring the world elite in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. Monster Energy will be the Main Sponsor and the exclusive energy drink at both DreamHack Masters events. CORSAIR DreamLeague – Main SponsorMonster Energy is also a strong support of everything Dota 2 at DreamHack As Main Sponsor of DreamLeague they continue to support the most stable Dota 2 online league with offline finals on the market. DreamLeagues Studio concept is unique and put Monster Energy at centre of the action, when the next Dreamleague champion is crowned. About DreamHackDreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival, a meeting place for gamers, with major events hosted each year in Europe and North America. Founded in 1994, DreamHack’s core has always been the LAN party where attendees bring their computer from home and set up for 3 straight days of gaming. DreamHack’s festivals have grown organically over time, becoming a platform for esports, Internet and gaming culture, intellectual and creative competitions, live music acts, lectures by industry experts, celebrity content creators, cosplayers, Expo Hall and much more.DreamHack is also a production company, creating content focused on gaming, esports, music and arena events, for both traditional Television and digital content networks. In 2017, DreamHack welcomed more than 250,000 visitors to its live events and its online esports broadcasts received more than 375 million views. More information is available at dreamhack.comDreamHack is part of leading international digital entertainment group MTG. More information at mtg.com About Monster EnergyBased in Corona, California, Monster Beverage Corporation is the leading marketer and distributor of energy drinks and alternative beverages. Refusing to acknowledge the traditional, Monster Beverage Corporation supports the scene and sport. Whether motocross, off-road, NASCAR, BMX, surf, snowboard, ski, skateboard, or the rock and roll lifestyle, Monster is a brand that believes in authenticity and the core of what its sports, athletes and musicians represent. More than a drink, it’s the way of life lived by athletes, sports, bands, believers and fans.See more about Monster Beverage Corporation including all of its drinks at www.monsterenergy.com