Fortnite will be at DreamHack Valencia 2019!

Compete in Dreamcup’s Fortnite tournament!

Are you ready to fight in the Fortnite battle and try to get the championship trophy of Dreamhack Valencia? Epic Games’ Battle Royal comes with a face to face tournament where you will play against all the LAN attendants and can achieve big prizes.

The tournament will be played in the LAN Zone of the event and for this it is necessary for you to carry your PC or to rent it previously through Dreamhack’s website. The tournament is fully in-person and will be played in Duo mode, as couples. The total 2.000€ prize-pool will be distributed as follows:

1st classified: 1.200€

2nd classified: 500€

3rd classified: 300€

It is important to be clear that most of the tournament is played in the LAN area with your PCs, while the finals will be played at the Dreamcup stage, in the EXPO area.

If you feel like fighting for your prize and your only goal is to survive, sign up now! The only requisite is that both you and your partner have your LAN ticket, which can be bought HERE, and sign up to the tournament:

The tenth anniversary of DreamHack Valencia had to count with Fortnite, so run, look for your partner, sign up and don’t forget the most important thing… survive!