The latest Dreamcup tournament: PUBG

Dreamcup is the latest initiative of DreamHack Spain 2018 to make amateur and semi-professional players feel the whole experience of first level players. A unique opportunity to compete for 4 days to the most popular titles of the moment in a spectacular environment where participants can feel like their idols.  Two months ago we asked all DreamHack fans which games they would like to play in the first edition of DreamHack Sevilla. The results have made CS:GO, Rainbow Six and Rocket League part of the Dreamcup circuit and attract the attention of fans of esports and competitions. For the first time, a fifth game joins the circuit and is none other than Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The game had also an amazing success in the surveys conducted on our social networks and also had a great reception in the Dreamcup circuit of DreamHack Valencia 2018. The tournament will be with the Dreamcup circuit along with Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO and will be available exclusively to attendees of the BYOC Zone, who must bring their own computers or choose between the different modalities that Elite Game Center offers visitors to DreamHack Seville. TOURNAMENT INFOPrize: €3,000Mode: SquadsPlatform: PCFormat: Groups and Playoffs Get your discounted BYOC or BYOC LAN ticket here.Follow us on social networks:DreamcupTwitterFacebookInstagram