What is DreamHack?

DreamHack is the world’s largest digital festival hosts a series of events around the world. DreamHack started in Sweden in 1994 and has been awarded the Guinness Record as being the world’s largest LAN party and computer festival with the world’s fastest Internet connection, and the most generated traffic.Here in Spain, Valencia is one of the pioneering sports festivals in our country, which has encouraged its expansion for the first time celebrating a second annual edition in December in Seville.Besides Valencia, you can aslo enjoy DreamHack festivals in Las Vegas, Leipzig, Jönköping, Malmö, Tours, Austin, Montreal, Atlanta, Denver… with a total of 11 events throughout the year.

DreamHack Sevilla

After many years of celebrating DreamHack Valencia, a second annual stop in Spain is included in the calendar with DreamHack Sevilla 2018.The growing demand from spanish fans and brands created the need to include a second festival.

DreamHack Valencia

DreamHack Valencia is one of the most important stops in the DreamHack World Tour, was the first city to host a DreamHack event outside Sweden. In the 2017 edition DreamHack Valencia received a total of 40,000 visitors, which proves the great acceptance of the festival by the gaming community. As a result, our numbers grow year after year.DreamHack Valencia was recognized in 2017 by the consulting firm Newzoo as the most important sports event in Spain.DreamHack Valencia has three different areas to enjoy: LAN Zone, Expo Zone and Sports Zone.In addition, there is even a sleeping area where all those attending the event with a LAN or competitor pass can retire to rest.