Influencer Pass

DreamHack Sevilla 2019

If you are a content creator and/or influencer (Youtube, Twitch, Twitter and Instagram), you can apply for accreditation here.

· The theme of the account must be related to video games and electronic entertainment. The minimum number of subscribers or followers:
– Youtube: must be 30,000 to obtain a pass for Friday and 80,000 to obtain an Event pass.
– Twitch: must be 5,000 to obtain a pass for Friday and from 10,000 to obtain an Event pass.
– Twitter: you must be 15,000 to get a pass for Friday and from 30,000 to get an Event pass.
– Instagram: must be 10,000 to obtain a pass for Friday and from 20,000 to obtain an Event pass.

In the case of blogs, you must demonstrate through an activity report (Google analytics or similar) a minimum volume of visits of 50,000 page views per month.
The number of comments and engagement will be evaluated.
Indicate these data in the mail to make your request:

  • Full name and surname
  • Professional contact mail
  • Telephone
  • NIE or Passport
  • Link to channel

*Important: all applications that do not meet the requirements will be denied. Still DreamHack Valencia 2019 reserves the right to refuse the pass if the main theme of the channel is not gaming, or the reason it deems appropriate. The content of all channels and profiles will be reviewed. If the organization detects any content that may be inappropriate, it reserves the right to reject the application for such accreditation, *You may request a single extra accreditation in addition to yours if you need support to cover the event.

Request your accreditation.