DreamHack Valencia 2019

DreamHack, the largest digital esports festival, Esport-Management, the online and global platform for amateur players and ZOWIE, a brand dedicated to the development of professional esports equipment, have teamed up to create the “DreamHack Showdown”, a $100,000 all-women Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournament. The inauguration of the All Women CS:GO tournament will take place at DreamHack Valencia, July 5-7, 2019.

This large-scale collaboration aims to provide a dedicated platform to support the great CS:GO players on the international scene. The DreamHack Showdown aims to increase the visibility of women within this environment and provide equal access to the world of competition compared to their male counterparts, as well as provide inspiration and guidance for all players to build their way into the Pro category.

Stage and schedule

DreamHack Showdown will have its place in the esports area,  within the EXPO zone of the venue. You can access here with both LAN and EVENT tickets without a problem.

The tournament is starting on the 5th of July at 11:00 AM (local time) and if you couldn’t come to our festival, you can also watch it live on streaming:

The talent lineup is also announced and they will be broadcasting live from Valencia.

Participating Teams

  • Dignitas
  • Besiktas Esports
  • CLG Red
  • Forever 21
  • Team Idemo
  • Assasins
  • TBD
  • TBD

1. Why is it only all women?

Current underrepresentation
Create role models
Support women teams with a proper prize pool
Bridge the skill gap (longer plan needed)
Motivate more women to participate
Raise the interest in these players and teams
Be the fuel that keeps the teams going

2. Why do we need separate men and women categories in esports, when both are equal?

“Because currently they aren’t treated equally. We hope it won’t be needed in the future. There are many aspects at play here. But we do what we can do on our end to bridge the gap – and that is this tournament.”

3. Why are you not promoting mixed teams?

“This is the end goal. We aren’t there yet.”