Esports Area

There can not be a DreamHack without a sports area, this year we will have a variety of competitions for you to enjoy the maximum competition in each of your favorite games. DreamHack Valencia has become one of the stops essential international tournaments DreamHack. This year we have already confirmed that Valencia will have the following international stops.

In addition to a wide variety of international competitions, in DreamHack Valencia will also have national content for attendees to be protagonists of the event by becoming the champions of DreamHack competitions. This year we have confirmed the following games:

  • Dreamcup League of Legends
  • Dreamcup CS:GO
  • Dreamcup PUBG
  • Dreamcup Rocket League

There will be exclusive competitions for the LAN area, for the time being has been confirmed the following exclusive competitions for wool DreamHack Valencia: