What is a LAN Party?

3000 players under one roof and sharing the same connection: this is our Party, a great meeting of players and fans. But let’s not get confused, not all the attendees of a LAN Party go to play video games. Many are programmers, DJs, graphic designers or technology fans who come to enjoy the opportunities offered by the high-speed connection of our facilities, the data transfer system between participants and, of course, the mere fact of being gathered for days with people who share the same concerns and hobbies.DreamHack is proud to be recognized as the world’s largest LAN Party, a milestone achieved at its ‘DreamHack Winter’ stop in Jönköping, Sweden, in 2015, where more than 21,923 devices were connected to the LAN network at the same time. This year there will be 3,000 attendees at our LAN Party, a great milestone for DreamHack Valencia, which continues to grow steadily year after year.

What do I need to keep in mind to attend?

The first thing you have to do is buy your ticket, to participate in this area is essential to buy a BYOC ticket, only these two types of tickets have access to this area, make sure you purchase yours correctly, then we leave you information on the most important aspects to consider to attend a LAN Party:

  • I’m a minor and I want to attend DreamHack Valencia:
  • You can bring a console and not bring a PC, but you can not participate in tournaments.
  • This year you can bring your own PC or rent a set for the days you spend in our festival.
  • You can stay in our Bedroom Zone with your tent or sleeping bag, but you can also spend the night in our recommended accommodations.
  • Soon we will publish the list – It is my first DreamHack and I do not have very clear that I must take to enjoy it to the maximum: